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Biblical Time Line:

Time Line is a configurable Bible Timeline software package that helps study Bible events. The software can be customized by the user, so events can be linked to other events (eg the 400/430 years to exodus can be linked to Abraham/Isaac or linked to Joseph/Jacob). The Timeline software comes with Bible display Software and Stardate (Calendar) Software, so the user can compare the dates in multiple calendars or read all the Biblical references of an event in a selected Bible translation. Events are displayed in a linear fashion that helps put passages in the Bible into a historical (and prophetic) context.

The software allows the adding and editing of events in the time line easily. The software iterates through dataset to resolve events to multiple calendars. As an example Seth was born 130 years after Adam, and the 2nd temple destroyed in 586BC. The software will resolve all the events in-between, so event 1 and be linked to event 2.

The dataset contains Bible data from Genesis to Revelation (and is being updated regularly). Important to note is that this is a pure mathematical approach, leaving the interpretation to the user.

Note from the Author:

I started this interest in my teens. I am grateful to the many resources out there. I would like to acknowledge Dr Floyd Jones (I used his work many times) and the many other resources acknowledged in the software. The Bible proves to be coherent - off course God cannot lie. I hope the software is beneficial to any study you do.


Frank Meyer